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AEC-Foyer Lataste, Cambodia
Aktion Canchanabury, Uganda
Desert Bloom, Kenya
FUNDAP, Guatemala
GESE Africa e.V.
Hope for Children, Moldova
InthoKenia e.V., Kenia
Kalkeri Music School, India
Masifunde, ZA
Mianwali, Pakistan
MIEK foundation,Uganda
Sala Bai, Cambodia
Shanti Bhavan, India
St. Michael’s Hostel, India
ZAP, Zambia

Being an active part of McKinsey for Children is part of how we give back to society. I know that our projects have a lasting impact on those we support.

Prof. Uwe Stegemann
Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, Inc. and Chairman of McKinsey for Children e.V.


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