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Supporting children in need around the world

The McKinsey for Children charity was established in 1995 to support children in need around the world by improving their prospects in childhood and guiding them along the path to a successful adult life.

Our supported projects

We currently sponsor 14 projects in 11 developing countries, supporting more than 700 children in need. All projects are devoted to helping children in need by providing education, meals, or shelter. The projects receive both financial support and professional advice.

Our criteria

Our supported projects focus on providing basic needs to orphaned, abandoned, aggrieved, abused, or disabled children. All projects are located in regions characterized by poverty. The duration of our support varies, but is always targeted at making lasting changes in the children’s situation. 

Our reach

AEC Lataste, Cambodia

The Vocational Training program offered by ACE Lataste supports vulnerable teenagers and young adults in Cambodia to become skilled workers who earn a regular stable income and have a brighter future.

A-HA, Philippines

A-HA supports Filipino public school students to graduate from college and prevents children from dropping out of school early. 

Asha Jyothi, India

The Asha Back to School and Asha Tuition Centers initiatives are part of a comprehensive approach aimed at providing a future to poor Indian youth.

Bamba, Kenya

Bamba enables children to attend school by covering their school fees and providing them with learning materials and school equipment. 

Desert Bloom, Kenya

Desert Bloom provides lunch and basic schools materials to poor orphaned and vulnerable children in Western Kenya and cover school fees for girls to ensure regular school visits.

Direkthilfe, Nepal

Direkthilfe Nepal e.V. provides quality school education to underprivileged children in Amppipal, a remote mountain village in the Gorkha district, west of Kathmandu.

Hope for Children, Moldova

Hope for Children provides education and basic support for about 80 orphaned and impoverished children aged between 6 to 16 years in the communities of Tirnova and Taul located in the rural north of Moldova.

Masifunde, ZA

Masifunde’s social support aims at strengthening and empowering learners individually in the educational programs of Masifunde and their families who are in need through counselling and family visits, parent support groups, as well as group therapy sessions with focus on specific needs or challenges.

Mianwali, Pakistan

Mianwali Education Trust College (MET) is a non-profit institution, whose mission is to provide the right of quality education to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


SADIL-TOGO helps orphans and children that got involved in child trafficking in Togo to earn a sustainable income in the future. SADIL-TOGO currently supports~250 children in primary and secondary schools, and 25 children with scholarships for university or a practical education.

Sala Bai, Cambodia

Sala Bai provides hands-on vocational training school to selected bright and motivated underprivileged children in Cambodia, covering about a third of the program’s cost by operating its own training restaurant and hotel.

Shanti Bhavan, India

Shanti Bhavan is a top-class boarding school in India for ~300 children from the most under underprivileged families giving them free access to excellent education and holistic personal development. First graduates look into a bright future and have started supporting their families and other children in need.

VIRD, India

The Voluntary Institute of Rural Development in Odisha provides a home for orphaned girls aged 10-16 from one of India's poorest regions with high food insecurity and violence against women.

ZAP, Zambia

ZAP works in one of the poorest regions of Zambia and is active in the field of education in the broadest sense. One of its programs at the Government School in Nkulumaziba is especially aimed at keeping girls in school - preventing them from being married off at a very young age and consequently foregoing further education.

Being an active part of McKinsey for Children is part of how we give back to society. I know that our projects have a lasting impact on those we support.

Prof. Uwe Stegemann Senior Partner at McKinsey & Company, Inc. and Chairman of McKinsey for Children e.V.


Christiane, an Engagement Manager in our Berlin office, talks about her work with McKinsey for Children and the Masifunde Changemaker Academy.

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