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Jakob Fischer

Senior PartnerTokio

Helps global energy, materials, and agricultural companies manage transition toward sustainability, optimize performance, and identify opportunities for global growth

Since joining our Munich office in 2000, Jakob has supported clients all over the world on large scale transformations toward sustainability and higher performance.

Jakob previously led our Chemicals and Agriculture Practices in Asia as well as Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). He also led our global work in petrochemicals and is one of the founders of McKinsey’s capability center network.

Jakob is currently based on Tokyo, where he leads our global energy and materials efforts throughout Asia. His main focus is to help companies improve energy transition and performance improvements, support material companies with adapting portfolios for projected future requirements, and to support agricultural companies in sustainable food supply procedures around the world.

In addition to his main areas of focus, Jakob also helps clients plan and implement large scale M&A goals, and has worked on a variety of projects focusing on global growth and strategic and tactical improvements. He is a coleader for the firm’s all-in, diversity, and inclusion initiatives in Japan as well.

Published work 

India: The next chemicals manufacturing hub, McKinsey & Company, February 2023

Accelerating India’s sustainability journey in chemicals,” McKinsey & Company, April 2022

Past experience



Technical University of Munich
PhD, MA, chemistry