Embracing complexity – Towards a shared understanding of funding systems change

How can systems change across the world be financed more effectively? How can change be better supported for the benefit of society? The report “Embracing complexity - Towards a shared understanding of funding systems change” provides donors and investors, as well as charitable initiatives and organizations, with answers to these questions. A clearly defined vision, the active search for systemic initiatives to fund, targeted cooperation with other funders and a long-term perspective for funding partnerships - these are just a few aspects that have proven to be decisive for the successful funding of systems change.

The report is the result of a cooperation between Ashoka, the world's leading network of social entrepreneurs, and McKinsey & Company, as well as the social entrepreneurs from Catalyst 2030, the foundations Co-Impact, Echoing Green, Schwab and Skoll and SystemIQ, an expert for transforming markets and business models in key economic systems. The broad alliance of publishing partners makes the report a collaborative effort by funders, intermediaries and systems change leaders who want to send a signal to the funding community in the social sector - including philanthropists, foundations and impact investors.