How companies are reinventing themselves

The subject of digitalization continues to keep us in suspense. By now, it is evident to all company managers: The business world of today is characterized by disruption, nothing stays the same. And the pace is increasing constantly. Artificial intelligence is causing a break with the familiar, turning entire value chains upside down. New, innovative business models are arising everywhere. Established companies are...

WHY change anything – we’re doing fine?

The economy is humming along nicely, companies are working at the limits of their capacity, the organization running smoothly and efficiently – and this is the time to head off on a path of transformation to an unknown destination? By now, most have acknowledged the fact: Yes, and the faster the better. The facts speak for themselves.

These facts illustrate: The world has changed, carrying on as before is not an option for companies.

WHAT does Technology Enabled Transformation mean for my company?

Everyone has a different idea of digitalization. The goal is to do the right things intelligently. In Technology Enabled Transformation challenges exist at three levels:

  1. Create new ecosystems. The “old” economy has an enormous head start here: contact to the customers and their trust.
  2. Further development of business architecture: From customer contact to administration - the entire value added chain needs to be revolutionized.
  3. Strengthen foundations. This usually begins with IT. A high pace of development, short cycle times and fast change represent a challenge to traditional organizations.

There are two things above all that companies need to actively mold their own future: They need to think and act agilely. And they need to develop skills to enhance their wealth of data via advanced analytics.

Resolute, comprehensive and fast: HOW decides

Successful transformations call for radical intervention in structures, processes, management instruments and IT technology. These 10 maxims help in successful implementation:


Technology Enabled Transformation is a top management issue! You can read the most important things you need to know in the enclosed document. We will also shortly be publishing detailed reports for individual sectors and subjects.