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Stefan Helmcke
Senior PartnerWien
Stefan Helmcke ist Co-Leiter unserer globalen Sustainability Practice. Er verantwortet dort den Bereich Sustainability-Strategie und in Europa den Bereich Sustainability für Energieunternehmen und die Grundstoffindustrie. Er arbeitet seit über 20 Jahren im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit an Fragestellungen der Klimawende, der Wasser- und Kreislaufwirtschaft.
Dr. Ruth Heuss
Senior PartnerBerlin
As global leader of McKinsey Sustainability, serves companies in the automotive and machinery industries on future mobility, decarbonization strategies, and product development
Daniel Rexhausen
Senior PartnerStuttgart
Serves a broad range of retail, consumer goods, logistics, and healthcare clients with a focus on sustainability and operations issues
Florian Wunderlich
Senior PartnerMünchen
Leads rapid-pace digital transformations for companies looking for a fresh start, taking an owner's mind-set to maximize business value
Holger Klärner
Co-leader of McKinsey’s Renewables and Green Business Building service lines. Advises clients mainly in the energy sector with a focus on renewables and focuses on business building, growth and corporate and business unit strategy.
Markus Berger-de León
Senior PartnerBerlin
Supports digital transformations with the insights of a seasoned digital entrepreneur; leads our digital business building operations
Philipp Radtke
Senior PartnerMünchen
Advises automotive manufacturers and suppliers, construction equipment makers, and other industrial producers as they improve global operations, drive performance improvement, and seek growth opportunities
Dago Diedrich
Senior PartnerDüsseldorf
Serves leading energy, automotive, and high-tech companies on strategic issues, performance transformation, and trend analysis