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Sven Smit

Chairman and Director, McKinsey Global Institute, and Senior Partner, Amsterdam
Leads research on economic and business trends and works with companies to develop business strategies and transformations

Über Sven

Sven is a senior partner at McKinsey, chairman of the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), McKinsey's business and economics research arm, and a member of the firm’s global leadership team, overseeing the firm's knowledge development.

Sven works with leading companies to develop strategies for growth, serving all industries. Analyzing the success factors required for business growth, examining the way megatrends influence it, and defining the lessons of diversified growth, he builds on the ideas in Strategy Beyond the Hockey Stick (2018) and The Granularity of Growth (2008), two books he co-authored.

As chair of MGI he leads research and authors MGI reports on global economic trends and topics such as productivity and growth, urbanization, innovation and technology, labor markets and the Future of Work, emerging markets, and Europe's economic outlook.

He helps develop the firm’s point of view on core issues such as economic volatility, inflation, and uncertainty, and defines ways to help clients navigate the problems. Previous roles Sven has held within McKinsey include leading the firm’s work in Western Europe and the global Strategy & Corporate Finance Practice. Sven holds a degree in mechanical engineering from Delft University of Technology and an MBA from INSEAD. Prior to joining McKinsey in 1992, Sven worked at Philips Research Laboratories in measurement and control as an engineer and researcher. He contributes to society through NL2025, an initiative committed to a better future for the Netherlands.


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Past experience

Philips Research Laboratories
Engineer, researcher



Delft University of Technology
MA, mechanical engineering